Times for the school day
9am - School begins
9-10:40am - Session 1
10:40-10:55am  - Morning break
10:55 - 12:35pm - Session 2
12:35 - 1:20pm - Lunch
1:20-3:00pm - Session 3
3:00pm - End of School Day 

Primary 1/2 with Mrs Good

2019-2020P1/2 are busy rehearsing 'Everybody loves a baby' which is their Christmas nativity show.  It is a brand new nativity which we are excited to learn.  This term we are finishing off our 'Toys - how do they move?' topic.  The class will soon be making props for the Nativity Show and practising percussion instruments. 
Primary 3/4 with Mrs Hindmarsh

2019-2020P3/4 are learning about their environment and how the weather changes with the seasons and climate change. 
In Maths and numeracy we will be looking at shapes and angles.  We will be using our addition and subtraction skills to solve money problems in.
In Literacy we will be using our comprehension skills to understand the purpose and key facts in a written piece.  We will also be using our comprehension skills to understand the purpose and key facts in a modern piece.  We will also be using our skills to write more independently.
Reading, spelling and numeracy will continue to be the focus for homework tasks.
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Primary 5/6 - Miss Forrest 2019-2020

In literacy P5/6 will be focusing on personal writing, including diary entries, imagined personal responses, letters, recounts and autobiographies.  Our reading focus will be developing our thesaurus and dictionary skills.  Spelling patterns will be taught weekly and homework will support this. 
In maths P5/6 will be looking at durations of time, calculating perimeters and areas of shapes as well as revising their 2-9 times tables.  We will also be developing our problem-solving skills. 
We will finish off our Extreme Earth topic.  We will then be moving ion to the Christmas Show as our main focus, therefore developing our drama, acting and music skills.  P5/6 will be playing different roles in the performance and will be making scenes and props.
In PE we will be focusing on social dancing, developing dancing skills and performing dances in a sequence.  PE days are a Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure that your child has PE kit on these days.  Thank you.
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P6/7- Mr MacDonald 2019-2020

P6/7 will begin working in ‘literacy circles’ as part of our group reading with each member taking on a different role week by week. Our class is now reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom' as a class novel with comprehension follow-ups. We will also examine newspaper and video resources to separate fact from opinion. Our class will continue to explore the 50s/60s with a tie dying workshop with Catriona MacKay, as well as personal and persuasive writing exercises using the 50s/60s as a context. Technology will also take centre place in this block as we consider how technology has changed and what impact this has had on how we live.
In numeracy we will begin learning about time, distance and speed, as well as continuing to reinforce our understanding of place value. Before Christmas P6/7 will also cover dimensions, area and volume calculations. Active learning will play a big role as we use practical examples in and around the school.
In the expressive arts this term will also see us participate at the Day of Scottish Country Dance at Bells Sports Centre, produce and create the set for our Christmas show.

Mrs Angela Thomson


Mrs Fiona Glass

P3/4 Principal Teacher

Mrs Evelyn Good

P1/2 Teacher

Miss Kirsten Forrest

P5/6 Teacher

Mrs Lisa Kass

P6/7 Teacher (Mon - Wed)

Mrs Emma Watson

P6/7 Teacher (Thurs - Fri)

Mrs Elaine Hogg

Primary School Support Worker

Mrs Laura Bruce

Primary School Support Worker

Miss Kelly McIntosh

Primary School Support Worker

Mrs Karen Jamieson

Primary School Support Worker

Mr Roddy Ritchie


Mrs Linda Cochrane

Dining Assistant

Mr Robert Hendry

Dining Assistant

Ms Carol Duthie

School Cleaner